*1,2, 3 OR MORE*
Among the most fun things about playing live music is sharing the stage with musicians that play different instruments for customized configurations to suit any venue or situation.

*Solo Guitar/Ukulele/Kazoo*

The Guit-Fiddle (guitar) and Uke (ukulele) offer a nice contrast between the more dramatic and fuller sound of traditional guitar melodies with the playfully bright tones of the classic "island sound" found with the Ukulele. Depending on the tune being performed, one can expect the snap and pop of integral percussion provided by fingertips that can't help but tap along with the tune. And for a few select tracks that call for it, don’t be surprised by the unexpected “zippity-doos” from a trusty Kazoo to create a sound made just for you!

(Top) Antonia Rose []
(Bottom) Mason Hatton

*Bass and Face*
This is a really unique duo because it's so minimalist. Shep's signature solos offer a tasty interlude to the vocals that really come to the forefront and make for a more subtle cafe vibe/jazzy club feel, or can be turned up for a full on outdoor venue. Every now and then it's nice to intermingle a splash of guitar (and the occasional sax) so the bass doesn't get lonely.

[Top]Mason Hatton 

Horns always make for a hit, whether it is a sax or trumpet, horns add unmistakable texture for any setting. The combination of wind and strings makes for a swanky cocktail that always goes down smooth. The jazzy nature of the brass mixes magically with vocals that pack a velvety growl that has a knack for captivating anyone within earshot.

(Top) Antonia
Rose [] 

*Big Band JAM*
One of the most auditorily-stimulating, jam-packed, crowd-pleasing and soul-squeezing concerts comes courtesy of DTW (funk band). The orchestral colossus produces an unparalleled sound created by a group of local artists that provide a launch pad for covers of songs like you have never heard them before. Put on your boogie shoes and get ready to cut loose anytime this arrangement plays at a nearby venue.

[Top] David Floratos
[Bottom] Mason Hatton